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Memorial Day: A Time to Honor and Remember

Healthy civilizations remember and honor those who have died serving them. These memorial occasions are also opportune times to reflect on the civilization’s creed—its fundamental values and beliefs. Almost 2450 years ago, Pericles, the great statesman of ancient Athens, did … Continue reading

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Presidential Election: Onward to the Past?

(This essay was originally published by the Newport Daily News on November 15, 2016.) Though I voted for Hillary Clinton, I am a product of the American system and a believer in it. As such, I am prepared to accept … Continue reading

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Returning Home to Hasbrouck Heights

(This essay was originally published as a letter to the editor–abridged– by The Record (North Jersey) on July 24, 2014.) There is something both comforting and disquieting about returning to one’s home town after many years. With voices both pushing me … Continue reading

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