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Lecture Topics by Fred Zilian, Ph.D.

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Lecture Fee: $400 (negotiable) plus travel expenses
Lectures are generally 40-50 minutes long, followed by a 10-20 minute Q & A
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Citizenship and the Citizen in the Ancient World
Citizenship and the Citizen in the Revolutionary France
Citizenship and the Citizen in the Nazi Germany
Citizenship and the American Citizen in the Fifties and Sixties
Citizenship and the American Citizen in the Age of Edward Snowden and Colin Kaepernick
Citizenship and the American Citizen in the Age of President Trump


Civil War & Civil War Era
The Causes of the Civil War
The Central Issues of the Civil War
Why the North Won and the South Lost
The Emancipation Proclamation
Rhode Island and the Civil War
Rhode Island Generals in the Civil War
Elisha Hunt Rhodes, Rhode Island Soldier in the Civil War
1863: Turning Point of the Civil War
Julia Ward Howe
Frederick Douglass

Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Life before the Presidency
Lincoln as Commander in Chief
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
Lincoln’s Leadership
If Lincoln Were Alive Today

US History
The American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
America’s Rise to World Power in the 19th Century
The US Entry into World War I
The US Entry into World War II
American Exceptionalism
The Fifties: An Era of Consensus and Conformity
The Sixties: Ideals Lofted, Ideals Shattered

World History/Civilizations
The Essentials of Civilization: Citizens and Citizenship
The Essentials of Civilization: A Creed
The Essentials of Civilization: Civility, Faith, and Trust
The Essentials of Civilization: Cities
The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
Ancient Rome: A Brief History
Ancient Greece: A Brief History

Rhode Island History
Anne Hutchinson: Founding Mother of Religious Freedom in America
Roger Williams: Founding Father of Religious Freedom in America
The British-Hessian Occupation of Newport, 1776-1779
Life on Aquidneck Island (RI) during the British Occupation, 1776-1779
The Patriot Raid to Capture British Maj. Gen. Richard Prescott, July 10-11, 1777
The Battle of Rhode Island, August, 1778
Tiverton and the Battle of Rhode Island
Slavery in Colonial Rhode Island

Slavery: A Brief History
Globalization: A Brief History

War according to Carl von Clausewitz
War vs. Warfare
The Causes of Peace
The Ethics of War: The Just War Tradition
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia
Bismarck and Prussia’s Three Wars of Unification
Military Amalgamations in Modern History
From Conflict to Cooperation: The Takeover of the East German Army by the Bundeswehr (1990)

Climate Change: What the Robins Tell Me
Climate Change and Domestic Politics
Climate Change and International Politics
To Help Climate Change: Decrease Footprint, Increase Handprint